Hygiena Food Safety Hygiena Food Safety


Hygiena plays a crucial role in public health and safety by providing tools and technologies that help prevent contamination and the spread of harmful pathogens in various settings. See how we took an enterprise level WordPress site, that became unmanageable, and digitally transformed it into a scalable and highly performant next-gen web experience.

Creating a scalable and performant web experience

Hygiena is a company that provides rapid microbial detection, monitoring, and identification solutions. They offer a range of products and services to ensure food safety, water quality, and environmental health. Hygiena's solutions are widely used in industries like food and beverage, healthcare, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, and personal care. They needed a cutting-edge, scalable, performant next-gen solution to carry them into the future.



Hygiena's previous site was built using WordPress, and like many Enterprise WordPress applications, grew to a point that it became unmanageable. WordPress was unable to provide the robust architectural structure needed to manage their complex product requirements and documentation. They needed something collaborative and scalable to sculpt their way to a successful future and to take advantage of next-gen web technologies in order to boost their lighthouse score and take their site into the green.


Performance was a key requirement, they needed their site to be in the green as far as Google was concerned, to outpace the competition.

Product Architecture

The ability to architect, categorize, and express the very complex nature of their products was paramount to the project's success.


Hygiena's customers rely on up-to-date and accurate documentation and certification, this had to be expressed in the new architecture.


Hygiena needed to orchestrate their internal teams internationally, to allow for the creation of content, including workflow approval, which included strict roles, permissions, and single-sign-on.


Hygiena wanted to leverage a more advanced searching method to provide easier access to products and documentation for their customers.


Hygiena didn't just want a new website, they wanted a future-proof solution that would scale with their business.


Crafting the next-gen solution


To give their customers a blazing-fast web experience, and to retain engagement, Hygiena needed a Page Speed Insights score above 90. For this, we opted for Next.js, which would optimize the site for high performance out of the box, unlike legacy frameworks.

By carefully selecting the data and using best coding practices, we were able to achieve a score of 100 on desktop and into the 90s for mobile.

Product Architecture

Hygiena has over 250 products, each requiring a very specific combination of relationships, for instance, some kits contain swabs for sample collection, software, automation, equipment, and multiple levels of extraction, each of these building into a custom product workflow.

We took the requirements and architected a reusable structure not possible with their previous architecture, that would allow Hygiena to express its products without becoming unmanageable and provide the best experience possible for its customers.


Hygiena has a documentation library spanning 1500+ documents across a vast range of products and in multiple regions and languages, documents can be updated daily, including certification that frequently needs to be expired. For this, we paired Drupal's excellent Media system with Apache Solr, to provide an advanced searchable library of documentation and certification.


To prevent accidental publishing and to give more control and ownership to their large multinational team. We used Drupal Workflow to configure workflows, roles, and permissions to allow for an internal review process and to unlock certain content types for department-based editing.

This was also paired with scheduling to allow for the automated publishing and unpublishing of content.


Hygiena wanted to make it easier for their customers to find what they're looking for, this means going beyond the usual capabilities of a database search.

For this we used Apache Solr, which allows for partial matches, highlighting, and provides the speed that Hygiena needs.

Hygiena Food Safety Hygiena Food Safety

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