Need help from a Drupal expert? Need help from a Drupal expert?

Need help from a Drupal expert?

We're Acquia certified Drupal experts, with over 12 years experience building scalable enterprise Drupal solutions. Let us solve your problems!
Drupal is great, when done right...

Does your Drupal project need rescuing?

We've moved mountains for some big organizations, and while Drupal can be a great solution for your project, it all comes down to how well your business requirements have been translated into reality. Sometimes a project just needs rescuing, and lucky for you, our founder is a certified Drupal expert!

Drupal Migration

Migrating your existing site to Drupal? We've done countless Drupal migrations, from older versions of Drupal to current. But also from some really weird legacy platforms, in all sorts of data formats.

Drupal migrations are one of our specialities, we get a strange kick out of it and would love to see what you have to throw our way.

So if you're looking to get a Drupal expert to help you with your next Drupal migration, get in touch, we'd love to help out!

Drupal Development

Planning to use Drupal for your project? Already using Drupal in your current project?

Well, we're Drupal experts and we're here to rescue you! Whether you're planning a regular Drupal project, or even headless, we can guide you and take you over the finish line.

Headless Drupal

Get the power of a modern stack, without compromising on the tried and tested stability of Drupal.

That being said, there are some hurdles and nuances that come with Headless Drupal that we can help you navigate.

If you want to learn more about Headless Drupal, we'd love to help you out!

Drupal Support & Maintenance

Have an existing Drupal site that you need help with? We can help you run an audit of the site and a code check, and get it back on track.

Just looking for someone to keep it up to date and add changes now and then? We've got you covered.

Who Are You?

About Us

I'm Les, the co-founder of Mega Mash Media, a fully Acquia certified Drupal expert.

For 12 years, I've helped organizations of all sizes with their Drupal solutions, working for some of the biggest agencies in this space, as a senior developer, solutions architect and team lead.

Everything from Drupal commerce, headless Drupal, Drupal migrations and Drupal API integrations, across a broad portfolio of industries. From Drupal 6, all the way up to the current Drupal 10.

With this, I'm confident I can help take your project beyond the finish line! So if you want a quick talk to discuss something, or just a question over email, I'd be delighted to help you out!


What People Say About Us

Items were always delivered on time, often exceeding expectations. When discussing items, valuable advice was given on how to improve them to save costs and time in the future. The response was almost always immediate, no matter what time of day it was.

Thomas B
Head Of Marketing
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